Our business contributes to the economic well-being of many communities across our value chain, whether through employment, up skilling or linkage into our extended supply chain.

In developing and emerging markets we have an even greater impact on livelihoods. This is because our supplier and distribution networks involve millions of small-scale farmers, distributors and retailers.

As we grow our business in developing and emerging markets, we will be sourcing more agricultural materials grown by smallholders. If they prosper and their incomes improve, they will be able to invest and we will have greater certainty of supply and, often, better quality raw materials for products by taking a long-term view we can ensure security of supply, reduce costs and protect scarce resources. This long-term approach can also create a win-win for farmers.

  • We undertake programs assisting economic development and improving the quality of life of communities connected to our industrial and agricultural operations
  • We invest in programs linked to the themes of agriculture, food and children, we invest in a diverse range of programs and initiatives in order to support the particular needs of different communities.

With all our programs our goal is to have measurable impact and to ensure the most effective use of the support we may provide hence improvising the livelihood of people around us.