About Cotton

Cotton, natural vegetable fibre of great economic importance as a raw material for cloth. Its widespread use is largely due to the ease with which its fibres are spun into yarns. Cotton's strength, absorbency, and capacity to be washed and dyed also make it adaptable to a considerable variety of textile products. Cotton It's fashional, natural and versatile.

Cotton producing areas in India are spread throughout the country. Panjab, Hariyana, Rajasthan, Maharastra, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh,Andra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka are the major cotton producing states. Cotton is sown around May & June and harvested around sept. to Dec. in different parts of the country.

Cotton comes in many varieties and qualities, each suitable for different purposes. The long lint fibers are used for many things, most of which begin with a thread, yarn or cotton fabric. Clothing and bedding items are common products. The smaller cotton fibers, known as linters, are removed from the seed and are used as stuffing for furniture and components of linoleum, plastics and insulation. Cotton seed oil is used in foods and cosmetics. Cotton seed hulls are eaten by cattle.

Staple Length 25-29.5 MM
Micronnaire Basis: 3.5 – 4.9 ncl
Strength 26-29 GPT
Trash (Maximum) 3%
Moisture (Maximum) 8.5%
Packing Double packing
Bale size 170.00 Kg around